Property Management Best Practice 1: Pay attention to the simple little things

Simple little things make a huge difference | Ali Alidina | Landlord Simplified
Simple little things make a huge difference

Property Management Best Practice 1: Pay attention to the simple little things

I made 10 profound observations that are important property management best practices for landlords during my summer 2018 European vacation. The first best practice is Landlords need to pay attention to the simple little things.

This article is the first of ten property management best practices for landlords based on my observations from my summer 2018 European vacation.

The long journey to Barcelona

My wife, Salima, and I were at a wedding in Edmonton on September 8th. I was the emcee for the afternoon ceremonies and from there Salima and I rushed to the airport for our 5pm flight to Amsterdam. The flight was an 8hr flight to Amsterdam, with a short layover and then a 2-hour flight to Barcelona. We got into Barcelona at about 3pm on September 9th.We were exhausted. We had pre-arranged all of our transfers for the trip


Our driver picked us up from the airport and dropped us at our hotel. The Yurbban Trafalgar. We have never stayed at the hotel, let alone been to Barcelona before. Our driver took our luggage into the hotel and we followed. When we got inside the hotel, I gave our name for the reservation, but they didn’t have that name on their reservations list. “Are you sure you are staying here at the Yurbban Passage Hotel and Spa and not at the Yurbban Trafalgar?” the hotel attendant asked. Oops…we were at the wrong hotel. Luckily the Yurbban Trafalgar was just next door. Phew!

Yurbban to the rescue

Now the hotel attendant could have told us to go next door, but they didn’t. They took our luggage and walked us over to the Yurbban Trafalgar and helped us to get checked in. Salima had also booked a mobility scooter for herself which was dropped off at the hotel. It was parked in the parking garage. Once again, they could have told us to go down to the parking garage to pick it up, but they didn’t. The attendant went and picked up the scooter and brought it to the front desk and then escorted us to our room. After a long journey from Edmonton, Canada to Barcelona, Spain, the staff at both Yurbban locations held out an olive branch and through their actions told us don’t worry, we will take care of you. This was a huge relief. The Yurbban understood how the small little things makes a huge difference.


When we were checking out of the hotel a couple of days later, two hotel attendants from the hotel came out to help us. They took our luggage to the vehicle. They directed the driver to bring the vehicle closer to the curb so that it would be easier for Salima to get into the vehicle; and they didn’t walk away until our luggage was in the trunk and we were safely seated in the vehicle.

Simple little things

These are simple little things, that can make or break our experience as guests. They didn’t have to do it, but they did it anyways. It shows that they care about their guests, about their experience. We, as guests, felt safe. We felt that the Yurbban cared about us as guests, even when we were leaving the hotel. Both Salima and I left feeling that when we come back to Barcelona, we will definitely stay at the Yurbban Trafalgar again. As landlords, the simple little things can make a huge difference to our tenants. These little things can tremendously impact our tenant’s experience and their happiness. If the tenant feels cared for, feels safe, is happy in their home that they are renting from you, then you have the makings of a good long-term tenant. Simple little things like saying please and thank you, returning your tenant’s phone call, actually listening to the tenant, appreciating your tenant. These are small little things that you can do that don’t cost you very much, if anything, but can go a long way to creating a positive, long-term relationship with your tenants. In the next article, Property Management Best Practice 2: Landlords must have a tenant first approach, I will share the observations that I made about our drivers in Barcelona and how their actions and their service differed drastically from the experience we had with one driver in Santorini.
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